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Expert Witness at 4 Floors

Rubber Vinyl ExpertAn integral part of a “Slip and Fall” accident is the floor. As the complete floor expert, 4 Floors is fully aware of the appropriateness of each floor surface for ambulation. Extensive research and evaluation of floor surface materials has been underway at 4 Floors since the enactment The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990

4 Floors reviewed the standards of care for safe ambulation as specified by OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM. We have read floor maintenance protocols and instructed major retailers. We have provided forensic information on the Coefficient of Friction of Ice, Concrete, Rubber Flooring, Vinyl Flooring Natural Stone, Ceramic Tile and Carpet. We have made forensic studies for other experts in the area of shoe safety, ambulation proclivities of the aged, infirm, and obese.

Since 1998, 4 Floors has represented over 100 slip and fall plaintiffs, and over 100 slip & fall defendants. We have testified as to the standard of care in the hospitality industry, and the real estate management industry as it pertains to floor safety. Additionally, we have testified to the appropriate floor safety specifications in airports, on trains, hospitals, restaurants, and banks.

4 Floors  is a licensed floor consulting firm, and knowledge with construction techniques that affect the floor. Things like the construction of stairs and ramps, or the location of a handrail can play a role in a slip and fall accident.

4 Floors has provided expert testimony in over 300 Personal Injury cases, ½ Plaintiff and ½ defense (approx.), in over 10 different states and Federal Courts.

For 13 years, 4 Floors has been the industry expert for all floor failures for the California State Contractors License Board, and the California Attorney General. We can be your slip and fall expert witness in the court of law, arbitration, or any other legal matter . If you need a floor expert witness, contact us today in Agoura Hills, CA.